Monday, January 31, 2005

Pharohs, Conde Explorers and Neptune

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One parade group cancels, but others carry the day
Pharohs, Conde Explorers and Neptune's Daughters keep Sunday parade-goers happy
Monday, January 31, 2005
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Those amazing queens
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
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The Pharohs and a new organization the Conde Explorers rolled down the streets with beautiful weather on Sunday afternoon. The Pharohs have been parading for twenty years and they always look great. I attended their annual ball held at the Temple downtown and really enjoyed watching the pharaoh and his lovely ladies dance. The Conde Explorers are new this year and unlike most organizations is made up of men and women and people of different races. Their were also children in the parade.

Conde Explorers

That evening I caught the Neptune Daughter's parade on Government Street and then headed over to their ball. We stopped on the way to the ball to visit with some friends at their hotel room. I later heard that one of their floats had a problem and instead of the police allowing them to board other floats they made the ladies on that float walk back to the auditorium. That doesn't seem very safe to me. Their ball was a lot of fun.

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