Thursday, October 20, 2005

La Joie De Vivre (The Hearty Enjoyment of Life)

La Joie De Vivre is a brand new Mobile Mardi Gras organization. I found their website while surfing the web and then went about the task of finding out who they were and more about the organization. It is an interesting group. You can see their website by clicking on the title of this post.

They are a spin off of Marquis de Lafayette which is a non-parading group. I don't know the details as of yet as to what caused the split or if there was a slit. I do know however that this organization is open to men and women. They also plan to parade with the Le Krewe De Bienville parade on the Sunday before Mardi Gras Day. They are setup very differently from most other organizations. Their dues are very low at only $200 but you have to buy your own costume. This concept is much like that of a non-parading organization. The difference is that they pay their dues in quarterly payments and if you don't join until the third quarter then your dues would be $100 for that year. After the annual meeting any monies over $50 per member is deducted from each member's next years dues. This is a very strange concept to me. One thing that they are doing which I do like is the way they give free tickets to members. A lot of societies give a certain number of sets of ball tickets to each member just because they are a member. In La Joie they use a point system. You can earn points by coming to events and meetings and by getting involved on committees and the board. That means if you don't support the organization they you don't get any tickets and you have to buy tickets for your guests.

It will be interesting to see how this organization does over the coming years. My father has already been contacted to work the door for them at their ball this year will take place on February 18th at Azalea Hall. I am hoping to attend this ball as well.

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