Sunday, May 01, 2005

WBC Summer Swarm

After months of planning we held our annual Summer Swarm for the Wanna Bee Club. All but one member was in attendance. We 'swarmed in' our newest member Dorothy. This makes our membership full. So all of you out there who want to join you are out of luck. We held our party at Charlotte's house again this year. We ordered two cases of champagne and everyone brought anything else they wanted to drink. Tammy and Craig made two gallons of really strong Hurricanes for everyone. They were great. We started with sausage and Hooters hot wings and the first case of champagne. Dorothy arrived at 5:00 right on time and a little while later the swarming ceremony began. Because of a tragedy Jennifer had to leave so Dana filled in as our bee. We presented Dorothy with the official organization bracelet and recited the pledge. She accepted membership. We had hamburgers for dinner and most of the other case of champagne along with the hurricanes. We had a terrific time. This is my favorite group. We have the best ladies in Mobile.

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