Sunday, March 13, 2005

Where have I been?

Wow it has already been a month since I posted anything. So sorry to all but it has been a crazy few weeks. As most of you know, in January I lost my job which I hated anyway. I began to build my own client list and worked on my own up until Mardi Gras began. I took the two weeks of Mardi Gras for my vacation as I usually do and really enjoyed the season. I hope everyone enjoyed all of the pictures. Once Mardi Gras ended, and a couple of recovery days, I had to get back to work. I continued to pick up more clients and was working a lot for DNC of Mobile, Inc. I have been working with Eddie(the owner) and Cathy(the office manager) for several years through my old job. They are terrific people to work with. In January Eddie and discussed wanting to hire me to handle the books among other things so that Cathy could work as project manager. Once Mardi Gras was over things started happening fast. I was working with all of my new clients and on March 1st I began working full time for DNC. I still have all of my side clients and have the flexibility to do both jobs. In fact I just picked up a new client this past week. Everything is going so well for a change. Maybe 2005 will be a good year after all.

Anyway, I am sorry I have not had time to post anything but as always there is not much going on for a few weeks after Mardi Gras ends. I guess everyone is partied out.

In Mardi Gras societies the meeting after Mardi Gras is their Annual meeting. This meeting is when the officers for the new year are voted on. (CLICK ON THE TITLE LINK TO SEE THE REST OF THIS WRITEUP AND PICTURES.)

On Sunday, March 6th we had our first WBC meeting of the new season. The biggest thing was planning our Summer Swarm and voting on the one new member that we had been screening over the past year. She was voted in by 100% of the members as is the rule. If one person votes no then the prospective person does not get in. We met mid-morning at Patti's condo and had brunch prepared by the members. Charlotte cooked omelets to order for everyone and of course the Balitorie flowed freely. It was a fun day.

This past Thursday my other organization had their annual meeting. I am not able to really take a lot of pictures in this group because of certain people..... (CLICK ON THE TITLE LINK TO SEE THE REST OF THIS WRITEUP AND PICTURES.)

On Saturday the Exchange Club Family Center held their annual St. Patrick's Chili Cookoff and Parade. This year the parade had twelve float filled with people of all ages. Cabbage, potatoes, carrots as well as beads, moonpies and candy were thrown to the crowds. My son tried to catch a head of cabbage that was thrown as a high rate of speed and spang his wrist but in true Dean family spirit continued to pick up goodies and did not complain until he got home and wrapped up his wrist. You have to expect to sustain an injury every now and then if you attend an event where you know people will be throwing things at you. As usual in Mobile there are signs posted along the parade routes letting people know not to park on the streets there for two hours before, during and after the parade. For some reason people ignored the signs and were parked all along Conception Street. We watched while cars where towed away. Not even the rich get special treatment when it comes to parking on parade routes. The police department towed a Mercedes and joked with the tow truck driver about getting a BMW and Mercedes in the same day. As the truck began to pull off with the Mercedes the owner came running up to try to save his vehicle but it was too late. He should have been paying closer attention when parking. The truck made it's way down the street with the car's alarm blaring for all to admire.

The cookoff was great with booths from the Mobile Mystics as well as the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, who will parade on Thursday. There were games for the kids, hotdogs, snow cones and beer for every Irish person to savor.

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Parade, cook-off dish up Irish fun
Sunday, March 13, 2005
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