Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mardi Gras Day

We got downtown about 8am in the morning and found a great parking place that was free. HEHE You have to be a real Mardi Gras person to do that. We went to the Spot of Tea for breakfast and then walked over to the other side of the parade route to buy a t-shirt. The day was packed full of parades starting with the Order of Athena at 10:30. There was a break so we walked back to the car to get a drink. The next set of parades started at 12:30pm with the Knights of Revelry followed by the MCA court and King Felix and his Queen. Finally the Comic Cowboys finished out the midday fun. I went home to change into my dress and hat for the KOR reception. The MAMGA's Mammoth parade was at 3:30pm but I missed it because I was at the reception. The Mammoth parade is a huge parade, the largest on Mardi Gras day. Finally, the fun, exciting but sad end to the day, the Order of Myths rolled at 6:30. I love their parade but I always get a little teary because I know when that last float passes by me that it is all over for another year.

Order of Athena

Knights of Revelry

King Felix and Court

Comic Cowboys

Order of Myths

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