Monday, January 10, 2005

Wanna Bee Brunch and Striper's Royalty

We had our annual Wanna Bee Club luncheon today but we did change a few of our normal rituals in our ongoing efforts to separate ourselves from the other organization that most of us are involved in. We all met at TP Crockmiers for lunch. They had a case of Balatorie which we finished within a few hours. It was a terrific turnout. All of our members were there with the exception of Ruth who was out of town and Charlotte and Toy who were on a bus trip. Dorothy was there because we are considering her for membership and so far I think that she fits in great with the rest of us.

Around 1:45 I had to leave to attend the Mystic Stripers Societie's annual Queen's party. I am a past queen and alway try to attend any events that I am invited to. It was really nice. There were around 17 past queens there. We received a really nice Mardi Gras pin in a small gold chest with a queen's coin. They called us each to the front and gave us a red rose and took a ton of pictures.

After leaving there I met back up with the Wanna Bees who were just finishing up purchasing our bead for the year. This has been a tradition for a while. After the brunch everyone goes shopping for a nice bead for the year. We then went over to our other hangout where they had another case of Balatorie waiting for us. We stayed there for several hours and some of the guys joined us. After that the few of us that were left went to the Executive for a few more drinks. I made it home and to bed around 10:30.

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