Monday, January 17, 2005

Parades, Float Barns and Balls

On Saturday Gavin and I got up and went to Dauphin Island to see the Island Mystic's parade. The Island Mystics are a smaller organization even though they are the older of the two Dauphin Island organziations. My dad came down and brought my grandmother. We got a spot in about the same location where we stood last week. There was a tree there and we decided to decorate it for the occasion.

Once the parade passed by us we jumped in the car and raced back to Mobile to attend the Conde Cavalier's open house. There were lots of people there and it was a lot of fun.

We left there and I went home to get ready for the Osirus ball. The Osirus is by far my favorite Mardi Gras ball. This is a gay organization and several of my good friends including my brother in law are members. The table decorations are very elaborate and we always get there early so that we can walk around and see them all. There theme was Constant Cravings. There was a table with the Middle Bay Lighthouse as the centerpiece with a working search light on top. Another table had a Krispy Kreme sign. Our table was fast food and had a huge pack of french fries. We got favors of sour gummy fries, little burger erasers and other things.

The Osirus is know for their elaborate and amazing tableaux. They did not dissapoint this year. It was unbelievable. The King and Queen were presented first and their outfits were unbelievable. The first person was 'Chocolate'. He had a very Brazilian style costume with a rhinestone bikini and huge feathered headdress. There were several mini floats and a Krispy Kreme truck. I wish I could have taken pictures because the elaborate costumes and props are hard to describe but there are no cameras allowed.

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